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We've got a very great array of wines from around the world in this Wine of the Week series. Stock up with these great prices by the case.

Maker's Mark Fashionable Manhattan

The Grand Champion of the 2006 Kentucky Bourbon Festival Cocktail Challenge, this incredible combination of the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned is a drink made for slow sipping and pure enjoyment.

1-1/2 parts Maker's Mark Bourbon
1/2 part sweet vermouth
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Lime, lemon and orge wedges
Maraschino cherry for garnish

1. Place 2 dashes of bitters and a wedges of lime, lemon and orange into a cocktail glass.
2. Macerate the fruit until the bitters and fruit oils cover the entire inside of the glass.
3. Remove fruit remnants.
4. Pour Maker's Mark Bourbon and sweet vermouth into a shaker, add ice and shake vigorously.
5. Strain into a cocktail glass.
6. Run a bar spoon around the inside of the glass to release the fruit oils and bitters into the drink.
7. Garnish with a broken maraschino cherry.

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Lagunitas Super Cluster in 6 Pack Cans
A Citra-Hopped Mega Ale of Intergalactic Proportions

You are here. On a speck of dust, three tiny rocks from the source. At the edge of something much larger, in the middle of something else, at the beginning of the end. It's a lot to wrap your head around, so take it one gulp at a time. Life is uncertain… 8% ABV, 60 IBUs

Lagunitas Mozango
A mosaic-Hopped Ale Brewed with Mango Juice

The flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing. So, what's at the heart of it? Is it the patient and diligent servant or the committed messenger, through their many routes and vessels? The salient soldier, slinging suds on the front lines daily, or the very brewers themselves? The answer is... we can't tell you here. From seed to sprout to fruit, and back to seed, we're all tangled on the same vine. And while fruit is momentary, the roots hold on for another season. It's all just a matter of perspective… 7.7% ABV, 49 IBUs

Great Raft Reasonably Corrupt (back in stock!)

A black lager with dark and roasty malt sweetness. Don’t let the darkness fool you – this is a sweeter, fuller-bodied version of the premium lager you know and love. It has a smooth, crisp finish, with depth of color and taste. 5.5% ABV, 30 IBUs

Mothers Brewing Nudie Suit Porter

Grease up your pompadour and throw on your Nudie Suit, ‘cause the spotlight’s on you. Big malt flavor and body meet a flashy American hop bitterness. Here’s an American porter as bold and stylish as you are, slick.

Profile: Robust chocolate malt flavor with a balanced hop bitterness.

Malt flavor and aroma of coffee and dark chocolate, robust hop bitterness, lingering flavors of caramel and burnt sugars. 5.5% AABV

New from Argus Cidery

Argus Cidery was founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas, simply because the dry, effervescent ciders they liked to drink weren't available. They set out to create ciders that would [hopefully] make one rethink how an American hard cider should taste. They began working only with Texas apples, utilizing a medium that was often overlooked and never before used in cider available for public consumption within their great state. Those small release, large format-only days afforded Argus Cidery the time to figure out how to work with fruit theylove and yield ciders and other fruit fermentables that are distinctly dry, bright, and, at the end of the day, exciting.

Argus Fermentables Ciderkin

Ciderkin delivers a dry apple palate with a tart bite, finishing clean and bright. Unpasteurized and unfiltered, Ciderkin is free of back sweetening and added sugars. Best enjoyed ice cold. Can and draft offerings available.

Argus Fermentables Ginger Perry

Ginger Perry delivers a dry pear palate with a tart bite, finishing bright and a bit spicy at the end. Unpasteurized and unfiltered, Ginger Perry is free of back sweetening and added sugars. Best enjoyed ice cold. Can and draft offerings available.

Argus Fermentables Apple Bomb

Apple Bomb is a demi-sec, or slightly sweet, full bodied cider that delivers a blast of fruit and finishes big with a tannic, fruity pucker. This is not a subtle cider, but a fresh apple explosion derived from a collection of fermentation techniques and patience. Cans and draft offerings available.

Angus Fermentables Lagered Cider

In researching techniques capable of producing clean, crisp ciders, Lagered Cider was developed from the inspiration of classic, clean lagers. Green apple, a natural byproduct of lager fermentation, dominates the nose and finishes dry, bright and crisp. A perfect summer style. Available in 12oz stubby bottles.

2 Belgium Beers back on our shelves after a long absence!

Delirium Tremens
Belgian Strong Blonde Beer

Color and sight: Pale blond, the fine and regular effervesce ensures a fine and stable head.
Scent: Slightly malty, a nice touch of alcohol, spicy.
Flavor: Feels like the sound shot of alcohol is igniting the mouth. In reality the tongue and palate are warmed. The taste is characterized by its roundness. The aftertaste is strong, long-lasting and dry bitter. 8.5% ABV

Delerium Nocturnum
Belgian Strong Dark Ale

This strong dark ale pours with a thick, creamy head. Aromas of sweet fruit, roasted malt, and hops are complemented by the flavors of toffee, berry, and spice. It is a unique beer that can be enjoyed with sharp cheeses and grilled meat. 8.5% ABV.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Barleywine Style Ale

Sierra Nevada's cult-classic beast of a barleywine.

Bigfoot is a beast of a beer, brimming with bold flavors of bittersweet malt and heaps of aggressive whole-cone Pacific Northwest hops. First introduced in the winter of 1983, Bigfoot is a cult-classic beer brewed in the barleywine style, meaning a strong, robust, bruiser of a beer with the refined intensity of a wine. Bigfoot is prized by beer collectors for its supreme cellarability. Under the proper conditions, it can age like a fine wine, developing new flavors and character as it matures in the bottle. Each new release or “expedition” is vintage dated. Collect your own and see the flavors develop and progress.

Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager Aged on Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Staves

This is a flavorful American Copper Lager brewed with Two-row Barley and aged on real Jim Beam Bourbon barrel staves for a toasted Oak aroma, a deliciously nutty taste with Caramel Rye and Vanilla notes, and a smooth finish. 6.2% ABV

Founders Barrel Aged Better Half

Old Ale brewed with Molasses and aged in Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels

What tames an old ale like Curmudgeon? The tender embrace of oak and sweet maple, that’s what. The result is Curmudgeon’s Better Half, a harmonious matrimony of our deceptively smooth old ale brewed with molasses and time spent aging in bourbon barrels that have previously held maple syrup. Because all counterparts should be sweet, rich and utterly delicious. Curmudgeon’s Better Half clocks in at 12.7% ABV and 35 IBUs.

That’s right, they’re bringing this old favorite back from retirement – last bottled in 2012, Curmudgeon’s Better Half has become one of the most highly requested beers and for good reason. It’s damn good. You all have been very vocal in petitioning for its return and it would’ve been cruel for us to hold out any longer in delivering on that.

Balcones Baby Blue Whiskey

The first Texas whisky on the market since Prohibition, Baby Blue is crafted from roasted heirloom blue corn.

This rich and oily maize adds new sophistication to the corn whisky tradition, while keeping the freshness and verve of classic American distilling.

Intentionally youthful, Baby Blue captures the essence of this prized corn with a round nuttiness, roasted overtones and refined complexity.

The mouth feel is viscous with a soft finish. A true Texas original.

Nose: Melted butter, kettle corn, vanilla, toffee, cinnamon and nutmeg, fresh bread and honey, fresh ground coffee, baking chocolate

Taste: Tropical fruit, slight apricot, brown sugar, cotton candy, sweet tea with lemon, smoked chilis

Finish: Medium long warming, late cinnamon/leather spice, mint and green pepper corns

Balcones Texas Rye Whiskey

Balcones 100% Rye Mashbill began with Elbon Rye from Northwest Texas accompanied by crystal, chocolate and roasted rye. Driven by constant curiosity, they distilled the Rye in copper pot stills, bringing new subtlety and perspective to our approach.

Nose: Soft charred oak, black tea and cracked pepper open up to fruit and chocolate covered cherries

Taste: Creamy buttery toffee, building to peppery spice notes with hints of coffee and nuts

Finish: Peanut butter and dark chocolate

Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur

Chopin Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur is a unique combination of exceptional Polish tastes: Poland's finest chocolate and Chopin Vodka, the world's finest single ingredient vodka. This masterfully blended creamy liqueur can be enjoyed neat, on ice, with coffee or over ice cream!

36 Proof

Dorda Sea Salt Caramel Liqueur

Dorda Sea Salt Caramel Liqueur is a delightful pairing of sweet caramel, a dash of the finest sea salt and Chopin Rye Vodka. The result is irresistible. Enjoy Dorda Sea Salt Caramel neat, on ice, with coffee, or mixed in your favorite cocktail recipe.

36 Proof

Three NEW Scotchs from  Alexander Murray

Discover award-winning flavor, texture, depth and complexity.

Rare and innovative expressions of Scotch Whisky, showcasing multiple styles, vintages and character.

Alexander Murray Allt-a-Bhainne 21 yr 1995

Allt-a-Bhainne Distillery

Perhaps best known for its most unintuitive Gaelic pronunciation [oltah-vain], Allt-a-Bhainne – meaning ‘burn of milk’ – has stood at the foot of Ben Rinnes in Speyside since 1975. Built by its owners, Chivas, its role is to produce a single malt of a particular type for the use in blended whisky. Braeval, its sister distillery (formally Braes of Glenlivet), was built at the same time during ongoing efforts to improve the company’s wider blending program.

Allt-a-Bhainne has scarcely enjoyed a faultless reputation over its relatively short life. In fact, the distillery’s rugged façade and grumpy architecture give its whisky a fairly unromantic perception from the outset, and some of the whiskies from its first decade of production are a little off-the-mark here and there.

This is a real shame, as they have latterly found that the distillery has really found its feet, with vintages consistently displaying amazing texture and flavor. Allt-a-Bhainne is not often the most complex single malt in a lineup, but for those who enjoy a somewhat sweet and textured whisky, it’s a champion. ‘Burn of milk’ – a sweet, creamy specialist.

Alexander Murray Bladnoch 25 yr 1990

Bladnoch Distillery

Far, far off the beaten track in an old farm steading tucked away in the Wigtown area of the Lowland region sits the Bladnoch Distillery, as it has since 1825. Having been passed from owner to owner over the years, playing a bit of a ‘bit-part actor’ role in producing whisky for the big blenders, and having been a relatively small distillery, Bladnoch lacked identity as a single malt.

Further to this, the profile of spirit produced here was dramatically altered to suit blending operations of its parent company at the time, giving single malt expressions a schizophrenic identity over the years.

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Bladnoch’s celebrated style is beautifully delicate and grassy, and if you find a vintage from a healthy, well-made cask then you’ll be subject to the most amazing citrusy bouquet of lemon and green apple, followed by subtle, playful layers of complexity.

In recent years, new ownership at Bladnoch has opted to reinvigorate this celebrated grassy style and the identity of its single malt, about which at Alexander Murray & Co they’re all absolutely delighted. Production capacity increase, too. Cheers to that.


Alexander Murray Glen Garioch 20 yr 1994

Glen Garioch Distillery

Causing confusion since 1797, Glen Garioch (yes it really is pronounced glen-GHEE-ree) has been responsible for a significant proportion of Scottish bartenders’ wry smirks in recent decades, since showing prominence as a frequently ordered single malt.

Its name is Doric, which is an entirely incomprehensible dialect spoken in Aberdeenshire in Scotland, where men are ‘loons’ and women are ‘quines’, and where walking down the street, a sharp “fit like” is a genuinely friendly salutation. It all sounds odd, but these unique pastures represent the birthplace and heritage of Alexander Murray & Co.

Perhaps a little biased, it goes without saying that Glen Garioch Distillery is a real favorite within the company. It is located in the sleepy town of Old Meldrum in the Highland region. Backed by real substance, its single malt is that rich malty/smoky combination that hits it home every time. Thick, sweet, lively, luscious… we need not say more.

Worth noting is that through change of ownership during the mid 1990s, use of peat in production was ceased, meaning that vintages after 1995 are unpeated and display a delicate character. We hear there’s the odd peated run these days, so let’s see how that develops. Get the older expressions while they last!

Rebel Coast Reckless Love Red Blend

Rebel Coast wines come from vines rooted deep in societal rebellion, audacious love stories, and are watered with the passion and lust of the entire Rebel Coast Crew. Pulling grapes from the finest viticultural areas in California, their winemaker Chip Forsythe, masterfully blends the wines to perfection with the aid of his glorious mustache. This allows them to showcase the best varietals from each California region to create flavors indicative of their lifestyle and home. Rebel Coast wines will always pair well with wild nights, good friends and ignoring your parents' advice. The end result is always a uniquely crafted bottle of wine made by real people, for real people. Curious? Just give them a call - their cell numbers are on the corks.

Wild nights and ignoring parental advice has pretty much led to their most epic tales of debauchery. Be brave, get weird, kiss a stranger, grow a beard. Just go with it. Never be boring. Embrace your reckless love. – Reckless Love Wines

Made from legit California grapes that will totally score with your taste buds. Remember that moment when you kissed your high school crush? Opening a bottle of this Red Blend is like going back to that moment in time. Just kidding, it’s way better…and less awkward.

Taste: Clearly, it’s smooth! A velvety front palate that seamlessly integrates soft tannins like a boss. This medium-bodied wine is provocative, with flavors of dark cherries and ripe raspberry. The finish lingers just long enough for you to reflect on it, then keeps you coming back for more.

Rebel Coast Lost by Choice Red Blend

Immediately the bright red fruit dances on your tongue. The cherry and raspberry on the nose are carried all the way through this wine, while the tannins carry a smooth finish. There is a perfectly balanced transition from the front pallet to a medium tannin finish. This wine is bright in color, and bright on the pallet, leaving the drinker craving another sip. Perfect for exploring the beaches on warm summer day, or watching your buddy strike out with strangers at a secret cliff jumping spot.

Derange Napa Valley Red

In the late spring of 2016, all 2015 TPWC lots were evaluated for character. The most concentrated and delicious lots of each variety were selected for the first vintage of Dérangé. After lot selection, all barrels destined for Dérangé were hand-selected by tasting each and every one. This red blend is full of black cherry, clove spice, blackberry cobbler, and vanilla toast. The mouthfeel is full on the entry and the soft tannins and balanced acidity are a delicious combo.

Varietal Composition:
Cabernet Sauvignon – Provides structure, density, black cherry
Petite Sirah – Richness, mid palate, concentration
Merlot – Blackberry cobbler, juiciness, acidity
Syrah – Violet, spice, earthiness, depth
Zinfandel – Glue bringing varietals together, softness, red cherry

Orin Swift Mercury Head
Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley, California

A tapestry of their best Cabernet Sauvignon lots from the Napa Valley, Mercury Head entices with a bold wine worthy of the storied histories of each dime.

The wine is introduced with rich primary aromatics of cassis, blueberry and black cherry, complemented with hints of lavender, chaparral and sandalwood. The entry is brawny with ripe blackberry and boysenberry that transitions to a nuanced mid-palate of dark toffee and espresso bean. Integrated tannins that will soften over time lead a finish of soft rhubarb and licorice.

Aged 18 months in French oak, 53% new. This very special wine is not to be missed.

These 3 Sherrys Just in from Jerez, Spain

Fernando de Castilla
Classic Dry Fino Sherry
Jerez, Spain

Blend: 100% Palomino Fino

Vineyards: Grapes are grown on estate vineyard “Pago Balbaino” on white albariza soils containing 70-80% limestone.

Winemaking: The grapes are pressed and fermented in stainless steel. Headlined to 15% and subjected to biological aging under flor yeast in oak barrels for the traditional solera and criaderas system. The average age of the wine is 5 years.

Press: “This has enticing range, with hints of nectarine and white peach out front, followed quickly by a saltier profile of chalk, quinine, Brazil nut and citrus oil. The long, vigorous finish has lovely spine, leaving a fleur de sel note echoing.” - James Molesworth

Fernando de Castilla
Premium Amontillado Sherry
Jerez, Spain

Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla was founded in 1837, purchased and revitalized in 1999 by Jan Pettersen (a Norweigian with 15 years at Osborne). Jan also took over the cellars of Jose Bustamante next door and quickly established Fernando de Castilla as one of the region’s finest small, independent sherry houses. The company specializes in natural, unblended and unfined products as supreme examples of the ancient winemaking traditions of the Jerez region. The vineyards (farmed without pesticides or herbicides) and winery are all located in Jerez, all sherries are estate bottled.

Blend: 100% Palomino Fino

Vineyards: Grapes are grown on estate vineyard “Pago Balbaino” on white albariza soils containing 70-80% limestone.

Winemaking: The grapes are pressed and fermented in stainless steel. Biological aging under flor yeast and subsequest oxidative aging, especially in American oak casks for the traditional solera and criaderas system. The average age of the wine is 8 years.

Press: “Round, rich style. Sports bitter chocolate, toffee, honey and ocean brine flavors, picking up a burnt edge. Balanced, ending with a dry, pungent finish.”

Fernando de Castilla
Classic Oloroso Sherry
Jerez, Spain

Blend: 100% Palomino Fino

Vineyards: Grapes are grown on estate vineyard “Pago Balbaino” on white albariza soils containing 70-80% limestone.

Winemaking: The grapes are pressed and fermented in stainless steel. Fortified to 18% alcohol and then aged oxidatively in the traditional solera and criaderas system of oak barrels. The average age of the wine is 6 years.

Press: “Shows aromas of treacle and warmed date, but this is bone-dry, with taut walnut, baker’s chocolate, powdered ginger and dried blood orange notes. Tobacco-tinged finish.”

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