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Kent Starr, Liquor World, Fayetteville, ARWelcome to the May Edition of the Liquor World Traveler.

We have so many new beer, wines and spirits that have just come in to Liquor World that we want to tell you about. We do pride ourselves in our extensive selection of products from around the world.

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2 parts Three Olives Pink Grapefruit
2 parts soda
2 grapefruit wedges

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour vodka over ice and soda over vodka. Squeeze juice from the grapefruit wedge and float it in the glass. Stir gently to combine.

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See below for a description of this new vodka that we just received.

Mothers Brewing
May 3,  4-6 pm

Tres Agave Margaritas with Tres Agave Organic Margarita Mix & Tres Agave Tequela
May 4, 2-5 pm 

Marshall Brewing
May 10, 4-7 pm

Love Drunk & OPP Pinot Noir (New wines - see below for descriptions) 
May 10, 4-7 pm

Core Brewing
May 11, 4-7 pm

Averaen Rosé of Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley, Oregon

A love of Pinot Noir naturally brought Averaen to the Willamette Valley where the growing climate and mix of ancient volcanic soils and marine sediments lend to the wines we crave.

You know that band of still-pink-but-almost-to-the-white watermelon flesh next to the rind? Think that with a drop of citrus and some pomegranate tang. Don't let the pale color fool you -- this Rosé is packed with intoxicating aromas and complexity on its lithe body. 92% Pinot Noir, 8 % Pinot Gris

Averaen Willamette Valley Charddonay
Willamette Valley, Oregon

Averaen was born out of our love for cool climate Pinot Noir, but also the opportunity to work with other great varieties in the Willamette Valley, including Pinot Noir’s natural counterpart, Chardonnay. This inaugural vintage is curated blend of 3 essential Chardonnay vineyards, each showcasing different clonalmaterial, forutmost complexity. This wine is a classic style Chardonnay, exhibiting mineral, earth, pear, honey, cantaloupe with high-tones in aromatics, blissed out acidity, but creamy texture on back-end offering length and structure.

Valravn Sonoma County Charddonay

Valravn is the brainchild of the three upstart winemakers behind Sonoma's Banshee wines. After building the Banshee brand behind a series of outstanding cool-climate Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, they undertook the creation of Valravn, an expression of 50- to 105-year old vines seeking to restore a sense of balance to the world of California Zinfandel. With the astounding success of the Zin, they've now turned their attention to pulling off the same feat with California Chardonnay. Choice plots of older vines, modest oak usage, and harvesting at optimum physiological balance all contribute to a wine that is classic New World Chardonnay; bright fruit expression and vibrant acidity are allowed to fully blossom in this moderately styled wine that eschews all temptations of heavy-handed winemaking.

Skeleton Argentina Malbec
Mendoza, Argentina

Skeleton is a collection of wines that showcase the most popular varietals from countries around the world with an intriguing, fun package at a price that's anything but intimidating.

An enticing Malbec with aromas of violet and plum, alongside secondry notes of blackberry jam and dark fruits. A burst of rich, fresh fruit on the palate, vibrant acidity, and a touch of oak, followed by a long, lingering finish.

Cloud Chaser Rosé

From the sun-drenched vineyards of Provence, Cloud Chaser is a classic elegant, dry, and highly drinkable AOC Côtes de Provence Rosé, crafted at their award-winning winery, established in 1909 in the heart of Provence.

With its gorgeous coral hue, dry and refreshing palate, and delicate structure, Cloud Chaser is richly evocative of its Southern French roots – the luxury and excitement of Monaco and the Grand Prix, the beaches and harbors of St-Tropez and Nice, and the stunning medieval hilltop towns dotting the countryside. Above, the “Mistral” winds render the skies a brilliant, cloudless blue, inspiring their name!

Like the best Côtes de Provence Rosés, Cloud Chaser is the perfect summer wine, but its charm and complexity make it a Rosé for all seasons.

Caveliere D’Oro Chianti

Situated in the heart of Tuscany, the Chianti region of Italy is iconic for its bold and robust Chianti and Chianti Classico wines. Cavaliere d’Oro harnesses the treasures of the Chianti region. This exceptional Chianti was born at the Castello di Gabbiano, the core of Cavaliere d’Oro’s heritage.

A balanced bouquet of wild red berries and floral violet notes. This Chianti has a mélange of dryness and great freshness, with soft tannins and a medium body. The lingering finish of berries on the palate is pleasant and smooth. 90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot


OPP Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley, Oregon

Maison Noir is a two-fold lifestyle project producing both a T-Shirt line and Oregon wines. Founded by sommelier André Hueston Mack in 2007, both ends of Maison Noir incorporate a trademark attitude and personal perspective on wine subculture.  The wines are unique and distinctive garage wines, initially created for some of the New York's best restaurants for whom Mack was a sommelier and now available nationwide. 

Other People’s Pinot is classic Oregon Pinot—earmark Willamette Valley.  It is accessible, a great value, and stays true to the character of the vineyards from which it was born. Earthy, spicy, floral, herb-framed flavors of cherry with gingery wood spice tones.

Knock on Wood Chardonnay
Willamette Valley, Oregon

Also from Maison Noir, Knock On Wood: 100% Chardonnay, all stainless-steel and no malolactic fermentation.  Procured from hillside vineyards in Yamhill-Carlton AVA, reminiscent of the grand crus of Burgundy's Cote d'Or.  It benefited from a very long and cold fermentation - almost two months - resulting in a lean and mean wine with perfume of honeydew melon and pear surfing huge waves of minerals, bringing a nice tide of racy starfruit to the finish.

Love Drunk Rose
Willamette Valley, Oregon

Another from Maison Noir: Love Drunk is an intoxicating rosé. Much like new love, it clouds the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise, and lips to pucker.  Provocative aromas of strawberry and raspberry, followed by refreshing flavors of wild strawberry, watermelon rind, and a hint of kiwi.

Sea Sun California Chardonnay

Sea Sun is a new California Chardonnay whose character speaks to the unique terrain where it is sourced in Santa Barbara, Monterey and Solano Counties. These premier growing regions span several hundred miles and feature subtle differences. The result is a wine featuring the best characteristics of Chardonnay, with fruit flavors, oak and acidity in harmony and balance.

Josh Cellers Procecco

Josh Cellars Prosecco grapes come from the Prosecco DOC in the Veneto region of Northern Italy - vineyards lie between Conegliano Veneto and Valdobiadene. Josh Cellars is well known and liked for it's more popular Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, but as a former sommelier and global wine executive, our founder Joseph Carr has always had a special place in his heart for Prosecco.

2 NEW Ava Grace Can Wines

Ava Grace Pinot Grigio

Vibrant, Crisp, Refreshing
Ava Grace's vibrant Pinot Grigio brings the beauty of our California vineyards to your fingertips. This canned wine is the same as their delicious 750mL bottle in a new, portable format. With notes of citrus, peach, and honeysuckle, you’ll love every sip.

Ava Grace Rosé

Fruity, Crisp, Delicate
Ava Grace's delicious California Rosé brings the beauty of our vineyards to your fingertips. This canned wine is the same as our delicious 750mL bottle in a new, portable format. With notes of red berries, apricot, and watermelon, you’ll love every sip.

2 NEW Cupcake Can Wines

Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc
Marlborough, New Zealand

Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc is a vibrant, crisp wine that comes from vineyards in the South Island of New Zealand, where the cool growing season allows the grapes to mature slowly and gain character and complexity. Flavors of Meyer lemon, white nectarine and key lime integrate with subtle hints of grapefruit, gooseberry and citrus, culminating into a long, balanced finish. Pair oysters on the half shell, creamy lobster risotto or a picnic in the park. New 375ml Sauvignon Blanc in a can, portable, packable, and truly unbreakable!

Cupcake Rosé

Cupcake Rosé comes from vineyards along California’s alluring coastline where the sun-drenched days slowly ripen our grapes and cool nights ensure a bright, crisp wine. Elegant flavors of watermelon, strawberry and white nectarine lead to a silky texture and a refreshing finish. Serve with prosciutto wrapped melon, an arugula salad or just as a delightful complement to a warm, sunny day. Now available in cans.

NEW Prophecy Wine 2 Pack Cans

Beautiful Prophecy wines, famous for their beautiful label art, delicious wines from around the world are now available in 2 can boxes. Perfect for your next adventure.

Bartles & James Cans

Now Bartles & James Premium Wine Coolers are available in cans.

D’Orsey Rosé, Côtes de Provence

Clear silvery pink color. Aromas and flavors of strawberries, licorice, and sesame oil with a satiny, vibrant, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a captivating, medium-length finish with accents of strawberry yogurt, hazelnut tart crust, and lemon tart. Very well balanced between sweet and savory notes, great with food.

Boen Reserve Pinot Noir

Böen draws it’s profile from the varied winegrowing regions that are California’s cool most sought-after appellations, each offering optimal growing conditions for this temperamental, early-ripening varietal. This stretch of coastline is so geographically diverse that the various soil types, sub-climates, and elevations produce desirable Pinot Noirs.

Bright, deep scarlet color. Dark plum and white pepper aromas on the nose. A well-structured wine framed by dry Italian herbs with notes of cinnamon and clove spices. Abundant blackberry bramble and touches of maraschino cherry fill the mid-palate. This Pinot Noir has a bold entry that mellows quickly with a delightful long finish.

Prairie Artisan Ales Apple Brandy Barrel Noir
Imperial Stout

From the brewer: “Apple Brandy Barrel Noir is an imperial stout we age in apple brandy barrels. The beer has major notes of chocolate, coffee, apple, and vanilla in the flavor and aroma. The stout is thick and slightly sweet, making for a smooth, slow sipping beer. Enjoy now, or lay a few down to try it with some age on it.” ABV 12%

Topling Goliath King Sue
Double IPA

This lusciously hazy double IPA gains its hints of mango, orange, and pineapple from the use of the delicious Citra hop. 7.8% ABV, 100 IBUs


Oskar Blues Guns ’N’ Rosé Ale

Guns ’N’ Rosé is a crisp rose-style ale brewed with prickly pear and hibiscus. Beer drinkers and wine drinkers - folks who have historically drawn territorial lines down the middle of liquor stores - will find common ground with Guns ’N’ Rosé, shake hands, bump fists, and share a toast. Tart, sticky prickly pear and floral hibiscus band together with a subtle hop profile in this refreshing, spritz-y rosé beer. Skip the fancy stemware. 6% ABV

SweetWater 420 Strain Mango Kush Wheat Ale

A second sticky hit from 420 Strain, an American Wheat packed with herbal, juicy mango notes and a distinctive dank nose. Strain specific terpenes and natural hemp-type flavors complement the hop and malt bill, delivering a euphoric ale with that fresh olfactory bonus rip. 5% ABV, 30 IBUs

Boulevard Rye On Rye 4 Packs

A rather sturdy beer composed of Boulevard's two-row base malt layered with German rye, English crystal rye, Cara 50 and Munich malt and then accented with brown sugar, dark brown sugar and dark candi syrup, the base beer for Rye on Rye is hopped with Magnum, Citra and Styrian Golding hops. Following primary fermentation with Scottish ale yeast, Rye on Rye is transferred to freshly emptied Templeton Rye barrels. Following aging, optimal barrels are selected and blended with 33% fresh beer to create a delicate balance between spicy, slightly boozy rye whiskey barrel characters and the base beer. This release of Rye on Rye is composed of beers that range in age from six to 18 months.

Pouring deep garnet in color, Rye on Rye pops with aromas of spicy, fruity rye malt with equally present notes of rye whiskey, vanilla, toffee and charred oak. Certainly warming at 12% ABV, Rye on Rye is of medium body offering chewy caramel/toffee malt character balanced by earthy, herbal, citrusy Styrian Golding and Citra hops. 12% ABV, 33 IBUs

Dogfish Head Raison D’Extra
Belgain Style

Dogfish Head's Raison D'Etre, with a little extra. This immodest brew, made with an obscene amount of malt, brown sugar and raisins, takes Belgian-style browns to new heights.

Raison D'Extra's little brother Raison D'Etre was brewed to be the ultimate beer partner for steak. Plump raisins and beet sugars give the beer a similar DNA and color to red wine. 

D'Extra takes this concept to the next level. What 120 Minute IPA is to 60 Minute IPA, D'Extra is the D'Etre. They're pushing the limits of what a Belgian yeast can do (and they've discovered that's somewhere in the ballpark of 15% to 18% ABV)

D'Extra is extremely complex and a great candidate for aging. Sip on one with a loved one now, and stash a few in your beer cellar! As Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione says, "This puppy's only getting better with age.” 15-18% ABV, 40 IBUs

2 NEW from Black Apple, Brewed in Northwest Arkansas

Black Apple Hibiscus Cider

Semi-dry Hibiscus cider, lending a radiant red hue and characteristic berry-packed zip with crisp, clean citrus and alluring floral aromas. 6.9% ABV

Black Apple Blueberry Cider

Semi-sweet blend of unique ingredients which creates complex floral aromas; strong blueberry flavor is accented with subtle notes of honey and cinnamon. 6.9% ABV

CÎROC Summer Watermelon, Limited Supply

CÎROC Summer Watermelon is a rich tasting spirit made with vodka five times distilled from fine French grapes, finished in a tailor-made copper pot still in Southern France. The vodka is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of fresh tasting, ripe Summer Watermelons and other natural flavors, resulting in a delectably juicy fresh taste accented by a sweetness and zest that carries into a smooth finish.

The liquid is packaged in a luxurious and sultry red and white bottle with sleek matte red lettering, commemorating a fiery hot summer celebration. CIROC Summer Watermelon can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with a variety of fresh ingredients such as pineapple juice, cranberry juice, lemonade and lime.

Morales Mezcal

La Cava de Los Morales Tequila Blanco is 100% Agave and produced at Destiladora de Valle de Tequila. This Kosher certified Blanco Tequila is bottled directly after distillation.

La Cava de Los Morales – “From the Cellar of Eduardo Morales”
From the 3rd Generation of the Villanueva Family Distilleries another chapter is written in the 100% category and the vision of Eduardo Morales produces another option for quality, value & purity.

Morales Tequila is crafted at the Destiladora del Valle NOM 1438 where meticulous attention to detail and passionate production of over 30 Tequilas occur on a weekly basis.

“Morales 100% Agave Tequila is an option for restaurants, bars, hotels and Mixologists that want to serve their guests a pure product for about the same cost of a mixto” says Mr. Morales. He also stated “I developed a recipe that I’m proud to put my name on and at a price that I feel is honest and beneficial to the trade.”

Three Olives Vodka Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit blends the tangy and sweet taste of pink grapefruit with Three Olive's premium London vodka. Freshly juiced ripe grapefruit on the nose. Cherry blossom and orchids add a floral compliment. Juicy citrus and orange pulp followed by tart grapefruit with notes of sweet strawberry, lemon, and a pleasing lightly bitter finish.

Caribou Crossing Canadian Single Barrel Whiskey

SF World Spirit Competition-Canada- Single barrel Whisky. Fragrant with vanilla and honey; smooth and silky, with toasty oak and mellow notes of caramel and spice; lovely depth on a long, balanced finish. 92pt The Tasting Panel.

Cutwater Fugu Habanero Vodka

True precision. It’s something you can taste. Just ask the people who seek out the venomous Fugu fish, the world’s most methodically prepared delicacy. Cutwater's own Fugu Vodka is no less the result of meticulous attention to detail. Distilled from some of the world’s finest corn based grains and filtered 15 times. Because anything less than perfection is a mortal sin.

In San Diego, we have some of the freshest, most authentic Mexican cuisine north of the border. They took inspiration from the tastes served at neighborhood taco shops. Infused with spicy habanero peppers, and like your favorite salsa, it definitely has a kick. The result: a world-class vodka, infused with local flavor.

Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Crafted by masters, and inspired by rare bottles unearthed and preserved for over 50 years from the collection of John Wayne.

Meticulously blended to replicate and honor the tasting notes and profile preferred by John Wayne using his original recipe from 1962 and his private collection to guide flavor and aromatics. A proprietorial mash bill of predominately American bent corn with additions of rye with sixth-row barley.

Distilled and aged in Kentucky the old fashioned way, in small batches and aged in heavily charred new and hand built American Oak barrels. A unique blend of 88 proof, aged a minimum of 5 years in barrels hand selected for perfection.

Tasting Notes: Opens with subtle charred oak, roasted nuts, hints of vanilla, caramel, and nutmeg. Mid-palate provides warm pepper spice and toasted nuts, finishing with a deeply satisfying robust sweetness in perfect combination.


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