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Juicy pineapple and the delicate balance of passion fruit create a delicious and refreshing new classic with a slight, refreshing kick in the East 8 cocktail. This is currently Grey Goose's favorite cocktail recipe.

East 8

45 ml Grey Goose Vodka
30 ml Pineapple Juice
15 ml Aperol
15 ml Fresh Lime Juice
15 ml Simple Syrup
7.5 ml Passion Fruit Syrup

Add all ingredients to an ice-filled cocktail shaker.
Shake and strain into a rocks glass with a large ice cube.

Garnish with pineapple and a lime wedge.

Photo and recipe courtesy of

Scarlet Letter from Core
Saturday, June 1, 3-6 pm

Milou Rose, Le Coeur Gamay, & Mercat Sparkling Rose
Friday, June 7, 4-7pm

Rodeo from Lost 40
Friday, June 7, 4-7 pm

Scarpetta Pinot Grigio
Friday, June 14, 4-7 pm

Devils River Whiskey
Saturday, June 15, 2-5 pm

Whizzle Fossel Cove
Thursday, June 20, 3-6 pm

Devils River Whiskey
Saturday, June 29, 2-5 pm
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jack Daniels Engraver will be back on Tuesday June 5, 5-8 pm

Mother’s Mater Familia Rye Barrel

Mother's Single Barrel Materfamilias series highlights the unique qualities that each barrel type brings to the Materfamilias program. Aged for 8 months in Rhum Agricole barrels from Rhum Clement in Martinique, this beer gains strong flavors and aromas of fermented sugar cane, herbal vanilla sweetness, burnt caramel, and a classic rhum agricole funk. This special release is a look into the blending that determines the character of the ultimate Materfamilias release that also stands alone as a unique drinking experience.

Profile:  Rich dark chocolate, barrel tannin and spirit alcohol, sugar cane and nougat 

Founders Green Zebra Back in Stock, in 15 Packs!
Gose Style Ale

Delightfully tart and slightly sweet, this ale is Founders' refreshing take on an easy-drinking fruit beer. Watermelon is the highlight of this lightly-hopped treat and gives it a hint of satisfying juiciness to balance the tang and bite we love in a gose style. The soft mouthfeel and dry finish come courtesy of the addition of sea salt. Pairs well with warm days and never-ending sunshine. 4.6% ABV, 10 IBUs.

North Coast Tart Cherry Back in Stock
Berliner Weisse

Michael Jackson describes “Berlin White Beer” as having an “insistent sparkle, a fragrant fruitiness in the nose, a sharp, dry palate, and a frisson of quenching, sour acidity in the finish.”

North Coast Tart Cherry Berliner Weisse is made with the juice of Michigan Montmorency cherries, whose addition softens the lactic finish of the beer and gives it a springtime blush.

Prairie Hulk Hands Dry Hop Gose

Brewed in Krebs, Oklahoma. Gose dry hopped with Falconer's Flight and Cascade Hops.
5.4% ABV

Prairie Lil Nap Blueberry Sour

Sour Ale aged on Cedar Spirals with Blackberry & Lime. 4.5% ABV

Boulevard Tech N9ne Bou Lou

Drawing inspiration from the ingredients and flavors that Tech melded in his original cocktail invention, Bou Lou starts with a wheat beer base that’s enhanced by additions of juicy pineapple and tropical coconut. At 5.5% ABV and bursting with fruit flavor, these 16oz cans are ready to be enjoyed at a show, a party, or wherever you need a refreshing beer that reps KC to the fullest.

Crane Brewing Farmhouse IPA

An American farmhouse-style ale brewed with the IPA lover in mind. Big, bold, juicy hops join the dry, yeast driven saison flavor to create one of the most aromatic, undiluted hop experiences you can find. 6.8% ABV

Crane Brewing Trailsmith Saison

William Ray’s blacksmith shop became a landmark in the lost township founded on the Santa Fe Trail. Just as a blacksmith forges metal, Crane Brewing forges new trails in brewing. Connecting old traditions to modern ones and beyond. Crane's classic farmhouse saison is crisp, refreshing, and perfect for whatever of life’s trails you are on. 6.8% ABV

Diamond Bear Red Honey Haze

A malty, unfiltered red IPA that leads with a rich, malty sweetness and finishes strong and spicy. 8% ABV, 64 IBUs. Brewed in Little Rock, AR.

Goose Island Lolita
American Wild Ale

Belgian-style ale aged in French oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. Each barrel receives 50+ pounds of fresh raspberries. Spontaneous secondary fermentation in the barrels. Aged 8 months or more. Fresh raspberry aromas, bright jammy fruit flavors and a crisp, refreshing body make it ideal for those fond of Belgian Framboise.7% ABV

Coop Saturday Siren Seasonal Back in Stock

Inspired by weekly siren tests, Saturday Siren is a crisp and refreshing pilsner built for sunny days. Dry hop additions of Idaho 007 and Comet bring new world flavor to this old world style. The lake, the pool and the grill are calling, so pack the cooler and get outside. Brewed in Oklahoma City.



Ozark Beer River Water Lager

A collaboration with Fayettechill. German Style, Golden Light Lager with faint notes of citrus.  Each month, 10% of the proceeds from sales of River Water will be donated to a different group doing the important and hard work of keeping the Ozarks beautiful and wild. 5% ABV


Prairie Rainbow Sherbet

American Wild Ale. Sour ale with rainbow sherbet flavors. 5.2% ABV



Bike Rack Peacy Kween

A light bodied Hefeweizen beer, with subtle, tart peach flavor accompanied by clove and floral notes. The Peachy Kween is a refreshing day drinker made with real peach to get you pumped for summer. This German style wheat ale will leave you asking for another. Enjoy refreshingly cold, or let it warm up a bit and the peach really starts to shine. 5% ABV, 13 IBUs.

Core Scarlet Letter Spiked Seltzer

The Scarlet Letter is a delectable alcoholic sparkling water with a blend of cucumber, lime, ginger, and hibiscus. The incredibly clean finish and remarkably refreshing flavor profile make this a beverage for all occasions but it pairs exceptionally well with the long days of summer. 4.3% ABV

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

With 0 grams of sugar and a flavorful taste it may seem too good to be true. But let us tell you, the myth is real. Comes in an array of botanical flavors, all naturally flavored. They make BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer using select ingredients including purified water and natural fruit flavors to create the 4.5% alcohol and a clean, crisp taste. With no barley or wheat, BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer is gluten free.

Corona Refresca

The Refresca drinks are imported from Mexico and available in three tropical-inspired flavors: Coconut Lime, Guava Lime and Passionfruit Lime. Per 12-ounce serving, the new drinks clock in at less than 199 calories and 4.5% ABV.

Crook & Marker Seltzer

You want to have a good time without feeling guilty about what you’re drinking.

Crook & Marker drinks are the only spiked and sparkling beverages of their kind: Zero sugar. Made with organic alcohol. Overflowing with bold, refreshing flavor. Sweetened from natural sources. No artificial flavors.

They've turned ancient grains into something entirely new. Our organic BaseBrew® alcohol – made from quinoa, amaranth, millet and cassava root – is purely distinctive, smooth and satisfying.

Joia Craft Cocktail Cans

Premium Vodka cocktails. Bright fresh flavor. Amazing taste. All natural. Nothing artificial.

It started with Joia Sparkling, their award-winning, all natural fruit, herb and spice combinations crafted by the stellar mixologist, Dan Oskey. They soon learned that Joia Sparkling made amazing mixers and Joia lovers everywhere were using it to make their own cocktails. Why not make it easy?

Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions Vodka

Comes in refreshing flavor combinations: Cucumber & Lime, Watermelon & Mint, and Strawberry & Rose.

Chronic Spritz & Giggles

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
Tickle your palate with this Chardonnay and Pinot-derived sparkler with flavors of pears, apples and fresh-baked bread along with citrus, floral and spice notes.

90 Pts | Gold Medal
2017 LA International Wine Competition

Crane Brewing Tea Weiss

A distinctly American take on an old-world German ale, Tea Weiss combines Kansas City’s own Hugo Berry Rooibos Tea with a spritzy, sour wheat beer to exceedingly refreshing effect. 4.1% ABV

Bud Light Lemon Tea

Introducing Bud Light Lemon Tea: a unique twist on America’s favorite light lager.  It’s brewed on real lemon peels and then aged on real tea leaves for a refreshing lemon tea taste in every sip.  Available for a limited time only, so get it while you can!

Suntory Haku Vodka

The Japanese craft vodka. Haku is the premium Japanese craft vodka from the House of Suntory. Its unique creation process starts in Kagoshima and ends in Osaka, Japan.

Made with 100% Japanese white rice, the name Haku means “white” in Japanese. The word can also be read as “brilliant” – a tribute to the craft of mastering a clear, clean, and luminous vodka. Filtered through bamboo charcoal, Haku has an unparalleled soft, round, and subtly sweet taste.

Nose: A soft aroma played up by the sweet, delicate floral aroma of rice.
Palate: A rich taste that gradually envelops the mouth with the natural sweetness and complex flavor of the rice.
Finish: A smooth finish with a sophisticated, pleasantly lingering sweetness thanks to the bamboo charcoal filtration process.

Jim Beam Peach
Rich, Flavorful Peach Liqueur

Like sweet tea, front porches and pie cooling on the windowsill, Jim Beam Peach is a new southern staple. This perfect mix of two southern flavors is just as easy going in mixed drink as it is sweet and fresh in a shot glass.

If you’ve ever tasted a bourbon peach cobbler, we probably had you at “Jim Beam Peach.” For those who haven’t, this mix of peach liqueur and our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey perfectly blends the flavors of fresh peach with woody bourbon undertones to create the perfect drink for both summer sessions and savory winter cocktails.

Jack Daniels Legacy Edition 2
Turns out, Jack looked best dressed in black. Just like the name ‘Old No. 7,’ the history of our label is a bit of a mystery. Some say we chose the color to mourn Mr. Jack’s death; others don't think we chose it for any reason at all. We may never know for sure, but we are certain this label was one of the very first times it was predominantly black. 
Our second bottling in the Jack Daniel's Legacy Edition Series is a return to one of the first instances of Jack's iconic black label. It's a symbol of our enduring spirit, an ode to Mr. Jack's color of choice and, well, just a good bottle of whiskey. So enjoy a sip or two of Jack Daniel's history.

Antigal Uno Red Blend
Mendoza, Argentina

Antigal UNO Red Blend is an elegant, complex and at the same time exotic combination of three varietals from Mendoza - Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Wine Tasting:
“Ruby red and violet color of medium intensity. The nose is very fresh, fruity and refreshing notes of red and black fruits, plum, mint, camphor, wild notes, white pepper, graphite, vanilla. Soft and round tannins, silky, velvety, elegant wood, sucrose, with very good balance.” Miriam Gomez, Winemaker

Varieties: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah

Aging 60% of the wine is aged in Oak, 60% French and 40% American the rest of the wine is kept without wood to achieve a balance of wood and fruit.

2015 ~ 92 Points - James Suckling
2016 ~ 92 Points - James Suckling

Bees Box Pinot Noir

Born out of our commitment to sustainability
Nuances of cloves & dark roasted coffee

From The Coppola Family.

" The Bee’s Box story began with a bee that grew to a swarm. Unsure of what to do with a swarm of bees on a property full of guests, we did what anyone would do – we Googled it. And so, with a brand new bee suit, a Youtube video, and a glass of wine, we set out to create our own bee’s box on the property to keep everyone safe – not least of all, the little pollinators who chose us as their home. As we became more attached to our little friends, we also became more aware of their plight (habitat loss, disease, and overuse of pesticides). Already passionate about all aspects of sustainability, we wanted to do something to help protect them. And so, Bee’s Box Wine was born. Great wines that give back 10% of the profits to organizations fighting to protect these little pollinators who have sustained us for so very long. So let’s fight the good fight together, glass of wine in hand, and say cheers to good food, fine wine, and our beautiful little pollinator friends."

Tasting Notes:
From its vibrant fragrance of cranberries, black cherries, nutmeg, vanilla, and oak to its racy palate that opens with red raspberries and plums, the silky flavors carry through to the mid-palate and finish with delicate nuances of cloves and dark roasted coffee. 

94 Points ~ Double Gold
2019 Toast of The Coast
94 Points ~ Platinum
2019 Winemaker Challenge
Gold ~ 2019 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Belle Glos Pinot Noir Las Alturas

“Belle Glos showcases, under one label, the distinctive Pinot Noirs we produce from top growing areas in California. My family made Pinot Noir from Napa Valley grapes from 1972 until 1990.  Those were good wines, but they were not what we were looking for in Pinot Noir. So we began a search for cool, coastal locations more suited to growing this subtle, elegant grape.

In the winery, we make ongoing decisions about each small wine lot, based upon tasting each lot over and over to see what it requires: cold soak versus no cold soak, one yeast strain versus another, punch-down versus pump-over during fermentation, and the type of French oak barrel to use for aging. We can emphasize different characteristics in a wine based on these decisions.

When it is time to make the final blend, each barrel of wine has its own identity. Integrating these layers of flavors in each single-vineyard wine—created by choices made over a number of years in the vineyard and months in the winery—is a job I’m proud to do."
– Joseph Wagner, Owner/Winemaker

Belle Glos Las Alturas Pinot Noir

Deep garnet in color with an aromatic medley of black cherry, marionberry, ripe plum and a hint of anise. Dark fruit on the palate with flavors of wild berries, caramelized oak and cacao nibs complemented by subtle notes of vanilla, cedar and a hint of lavender and forest floor. Rich and unrestrained, this wine’s abundant fruit is beautifully balanced by firm acidity and layers of red and black fruit.

Four Virtues Cabernet Bourbon Barrel
Lodi, California

A renowned wine writer said the best wines must exhibit four virtues: a distinctive style and quality unlike any other; a unique expression of origin (terroir); an intense but not overpowering flavor; and satisfying to the palate and intellect- in other words, be a wine worth talking about! Four Virtues winemaking team has passionately crafted this debut vintage with these virtues in mind.

The Spirited Flavor of Bourbon Oak Aging
Heavily charred new Bourbon oak barrels impart nuanced layers of caramel, vanilla and toasty oak to the wine’s naturally intense dark berry character. The result is a robust, deliciously complex and silky smooth Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon.

An intense, full-bodied wine with flavors of dark berries, sweet oak and spice. A smoky finish with firm, yet refined tannins.
Vibrant aromas of blackberry, cherry and dark chocolate, with notes of cinnamon, roasted coffee beans and toasty oak.
Lodi Appellation
Aged with French and American oak, then finished in heavily charred new American oak Bourbon barrels 1-3 months.

Four Virtues Zinfandel Bourbon Barrel
Lodi, California

Heavily charred new Bourbon oak barrels impart nuanced layers of caramel, vanilla, and toasty oak to the wine’s naturally intense dark berry character. The result is a robust, deliciously complex, and silky smooth Lodi Zinfandel.

The wine is intense and full-bodied with red fruit, blackberry, and spice. Soft, subtle tannins and a lingering smoky finish. Bright raspberry, cherry, and juicy blackberry with hints of caramel, vanilla, and toasty oak.

Buck Shack Cabernet Sauvignon Bourbon Barrel

This Cabernet Sauvignon is produced in high elevation vineyards, and then aged for 5 months in freshly emptied bourbon barrels. The result is a velvety, rich Cabernet. The bourbon infused American oak flawlessly marries with the smooth tones of black currant and tobacco.

Stella Rosa Ruby Rosé Grapefruit

Stella's newest flavor, Stella Rosa Ruby Rosé Grapefruit is a decadent semi-sweet and semi-sparkling wine that is unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Just one sip will tease your tastebuds and have you feeling like you are on cloud wine.

Flavor profile: Grapefruit and roses.

The Palm by Whispering Angel
Provence, France

The Palm is a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah made from grapes which are selected from the best vineyards in the appellation Côteaux d’Aix-en-Provence.
Pale pink with green hues both of which are clear & very expressive. Great aromatic freshness on the nose followed by more subtle, fruity notes on the palate. The freshness is coupled with exceptional length and roundness. Crisp and suave finish.

“Effortlessly chic and refreshingly approachable”
Quest (Society Magazine) New York
“Promises a crisp and round finish”
“With a pink label covered in palm trees, it’s almost as perfect as the rosé itself”
Town & Country
“A hit with anyone who likes a good Provencal rosé”
Nylon Online

Broc Cellars Love Rosé

Varietals:  80% Valdiguié, 14% Zinfandel, 6% Trousseau
Vineyards: Solano Vineyard (Valdiguié), Arrowhead Mountain (Zinfandel), Wirth Vineyard (Trousseau). 
Location: Suisun Valley

Winemaker's Notes:  The fruit was destemmed, then pressed into stainless steel. All 3 varietals fermented together just over 30 days. The wine was bottled at the beginning of the year. High aromatics with juicy watermelon and grapefruit notes. Spice comes from the Zinfandel, acidity from the Valdiguié and texture from the Trousseau.

Suisun Valley is located just east of Napa Valley. Both the Solano and Wirth Vineyard vines grow on sandy loam. Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard grows on volcanic rock. 

At Broc Cellars, all of the wines are made using spontaneous fermentation, a process that means they only use native yeasts and bacteria that exist on the grapes in order to make wine. They don’t add anything – this includes nutrients, yeast, bacteria, enzymes, tannins or other popular fermentation agents. Sulphur is a naturally occurring element in all wine, the amount found can vary. They add little to no S02, depending on the wine and style.

Broc Cellars Love White

Varietal: ?43% Marsanne, 28% Roussanne, 17% Grenache Blanc, 12% Picpoul
Vineyard: Love Ranch
Location: Madera Foothills, CA

Grapes for the Love White come from Broc Cellar's friend Oscar Ramos’ vineyard – Love Ranch. Located 35 miles south of Yosemite National Park in Madera County. At 1,350 ft elevation, it’s not your normal Central Valley Vineyard. The soils are made up of granitic schist and is farmed without the use of pesticides. They keep a large amount of leaves on the vines to protect against the heat. They also keep a slightly larger crop to disperse much of the sun’s energy to prevent the sugars from spiking and to help maintain the alcohols below 14%.

Una Lou Rose of Pinot Noir Can of Wine

When Lia Ices and her husband, Andrew Mariani, welcomed their daughter, Una Lou, into the world they created a celebratory rosé in her name.
Family-owned and sustainably farmed vineyards in northern California.
Vineyards: Leveroni, Ricci, Scheid.

A percentage of proceeds will go to two organizations that support youth, food and agricultural education: the Edible Schoolyard, and The Center for Land-Based Learning.

Cedar + Salmon Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley, Oregon

Brimming with fresh blackberry and plum aromas, our Willamette Valley Pinot Noir gains earth and herb nuances with time. Ripe red plums and red cherries dominate the smooth palate, accented by a dash of herbs.

Freakshow Zinfandel
Lodi, California

"A new act has joined our band of Freaks - The Dazzling Fire Mistress that is Freakshow Zin! The third installment in the Freakshow lineup - following a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Red Blend - pays homage to our roots in Lodi, a region known for exceptional Zinfandel. Typically known as a bold varietal, the Fire Mistress shows the softer, sexier side of Lodi Zin, focusing on the distinctive bright fruit and spice characteristics for which our heritage varietal is known."

Tasting Notes:
Elegance, charm and excitement come together in the hottest thing to ever grace the Freakshow stage…We present to you, the Dazzling Fire Mistress! This Zinfandel spotlights the variety’s blazing red berry, cherry and dark fruit while flirting with pepper and spice notes. Medium-bodied and graceful with fine tannins, toasted oak and a lingering spice-laced finish.

Torres Rosé De Casta Dry

Born to be rosé ~ After years of study and inspired by the rocks surrounding their vineyards, Miguel Torres Carbó - a pioneer of his time - made a wine out of his desire to create a unique rosé.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry color with purple highlights. Lively and fragrant with delicate fruit (pomegranate, redcurrant) and floral (sage) aromas. A silky, savory, dry palate with an elegant note (quince preserves) on the finish.

Argiano Non Confunditur

‘Non Confunditur’ is a Latin term that means unique, unmistakable. Argiano christened this wine Non Confunditur as a tribute to their prestigious and glorious past. Non Confunditur is the product of the unique combination of Tuscan and French grapes. Since 2002, NC has earned its place alongside the finest Tuscan blends.

NC is a wine with a decisive, full-bodied character, smooth tannins and a persistent finish. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah andSangiovese reveals an exciting potency, with the innate gentleness of Merlot creating a bridge between the evident earthiness of Sangiovese, the aromatic blackcurrant flavour of Cabernet and the warm red berries of Syrah. The result is a generous, rounded red wine, destined for short to medium ageing, with delicious aromas of currants and generous fruit flavours, versatile enough to develop in greater depth during long months in the bottle.



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